Monday, December 31, 2007

Birth Story: Part 2 (of 3) ^^

Initially, the contractions weren't too bad! I was still smiling and laughing before midnight. They were however, becoming stronger, lasting longer and occuring more frequently. I think the actual delivery seemed less painful. Even without drugs. Pretty crazy, huh?

What did contractions feel like? During each one, your mind is drawn towards the pain. Breathing becomes a chore and everything else disappears into the background. Imagine a pro-wrestler wringing your whole stomach non-stop. Now multiply that by 5...

Anyway, the midwives frequently checked how far dilated I was - an extremely unpleasant procedure! Luckily I was 3cm by 1am - baby was definitely planning to arrive soon! Yeah right, he was really taking his time. Surely there's only one way out!! By 3am, I was still only 3cm dilated.

(Note = At 10cm, it's time to push.)

Then the Dr from Hell returned, announcing they would induce me at 7am. Honestly, the way she said it seemed more like a threat. I refused for the 3rd time! LOL labour isn't exactly the best time to infuriate anyone. She was patronising and enjoyed terrorising vulnerable patients - and that, was according to the midwives!! I'd like to add more but i'll save it for later ^^

By 5:30am, I was yelling for drugs like someone possessed! Kinda like the Exorcist. Just kidding. The entire floor echoed with my screams and cries. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. And just when I thought I was finally free from that menacing Dr, she came back... like a disease that wouldn't go away LOL.

Unlike the midwives, she didn't even wait until the contractions stopped before checking how far dilated I was. How satisfying it would have been to strangle her! She was a complete baka, needing to check me twice! Eventually I yelled at her to "get out" with a strong kick strategically aimed in her direction LOL.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Birth Story: Part 1!

Did Jiwon inherit my complete disregard for arriving on schedule? We both made our debut 5 days later than our expected due dates! Much better than 2 weeks like his father JH ^^

Note: Full-term = 40 weeks give or take 2 weeks.

Anyway, the evil Dr. attempted to induce me into labour 3 times. After researching the potential risks, I was a complete cow stubbornly refusing each time.

The 1st attempt: At 40 weeks and 3 days "late" but the evil Dr. re-scheduled for 41 weeks along with daily hospital visits to observe JW's heartbeat on a CTG machine.

During that time, I did EVERYTHING possible to kick-start contractions. I was determined to evict JW the natural way. Bring it on baaaaaby!!

The midwives suggested stimulating the oppai or chikubi, while Tomek-kun suggested eating spicy food and lots of raburabu. Sadly I didn't (or couldn't) try the latter LOL.
My parents on the other hand, forced me to take long walks at the crack of dawn. I complied for a little while but waking up at 7am was almost mission impossible.

After listening to everyone's advice, I decided to try my own. I invented a form of "sumo-crab-walking" which proved to be hilarious for anyone who witnessed.

Next, I tried fresh pineapple - a whole one. The result: my taste buds were totally massacred by the acidity! Actually I needed to eat 7 pineapples for any effect to take place. NO WAY!

And my final solution on the night before surgery: to drink 80ml of the infamously disgusting yet effective castor oil - in one shot. Many pregnant women have sworn by it, experiencing labour within 24hrs. However, it's also known to promote "multi-tasking". I firmly believe that giving birth and going to the bathroom should be kept separate tasks LOL.

Regardless, I tried a safe amount of castor oil (10mL) adding it to a vanilla milkshake to mask the taste. LUCKILY there were no bathroom visits but no sign of contractions either!

Before giving up, I needed a nap and woke up at midnight with minute muscle pains in my stomach. I was exhausted and didn't think much about it. In hindsight, I was probably experiencing the start of contractions ^^

I made a final attempt downing one more milkshake with 15mL of castor oil this time, followed by a small plate of pineapple and a few laps of sumo-crab-walking around the house.


At 7am I woke up with stronger tummy pains. I was excited when I realised these twinges were REAL contractions which were occuring every 5 minutes. My day went on as usual but by 10pm I was finally admitted into hospital :)

Stay tuned! Part 2 will come soon ^^