Monday, October 22, 2007


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to post my tummy online, I'd be pretty rich by now!

I'm sure most of you are quite curious about how HUGE I might be, so there you go! Click on it to make me look even larger. Anyway, here I am posing in front of the hospital with my younger brothers Jarrel and Jason.

Let me know what you think!! :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

39 weeks. Exactly!

I am a sitting duck on edge. Every message I send makes people quite nervous. Right now, JH and I both have hectic uni schedules with exams around the corner. I'm pretty happy (and surprised) that my grades haven't been affected at all ^^

My room has been cleaned from top to bottom. It might be the so-called "nesting instinct" although whenever I clean, it's like a pre-emptive strike on ANY dust particles. Imagine the Exorcist possessed by a sudden urge to fight bacteria LOL...

Chibi's things are all packed for the hospital!! His clothes have all been washed at high temperatures and folding them makes me a bit anxious. I'm frightened to dress such a tiny precious baby.

Anyway, it's horrifying to watch or hear terrible news about young kids - especially now. Is this what it feels like to be a parent? To always worry about the wellbeing of his or her child?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

38 weeks appointment

Chibi's weight was approximately 2.5kg (just over 5lbs). All vital stats are healthy but the aim is to fatten him up a bit more! Anyway, a friend of ours was born 2.5kg and grew to be almost 6ft tall ^^

Other updates? Pregnant woman in AU are all screened for GBS during the final weeks - a potentially dangerous condition for baby. Mine came out negative YAY!! The midwife believes Chibi is now 3/5ths engaged which explains the waddling! The onset of labour is nearing - his head has descended into the pelvic region.

How am I? All is well! *touch wood* With the exception of my tummy, I'm not looking very different from our Okayama days! Stepping out of bed and walking around is becoming more difficult with the increasing pelvic pressure.

We have the basic baby accessories now, but still need to shop for more newborn items!! Will pack my hospital bags this weekend as well as re-organise my room for Chibi ^^

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

37 weeks, anytime now...

Yesterday, my parents joined me at Chibi's ultrasound appointment and the aim was to double-check his size. Nothing to worry about - it's just a little cozy in there!

The clarity of these precious images are amazing. Unlike myself, Chibi apparently has hair LOL. We were also fortunate to witness him yawning! He is already surrounded by so much love and we're all excited to welcome him into this world. Who does he resemble more? I think I know~ but we'll soon find out when this angel is born ^^

It's a blessing that family and friends have been extremely supportive and loving. Initially, the prospect of facing my parents' reaction frightened me more than the idea of giving birth! They have been busy spoiling me with all my favourite things and making sure that we're both as healthy as can be.

My dad is still thinking of an English nickname for him, starting with J or C. JH's dad has already given him a Korean name: 智源 - Ji Won - meaning fountain of knowledge. How sweet!! Kanji is not my strongest point LOL but I'll do my best to write Chibi's name!!