Saturday, September 15, 2007

His daddy went shopping before I did! ^^

34 Weeks. How exciting!

JH's choice of baby things are very thoughtful and stylish (wow, designer brands!!). That pillow is mecha kawaii ne? Only available in South Korea! Its special shape will keep Chibi's head round, not flat. The baby nightie? Easier to change nappies & has mittens to protect baby from his own nails. Sweet!!!

Chibi is still turning... sometimes hiccups can be felt on the left side, other times, to the right. I'm guessing that was his foot jammed in my ribs, but who knows!

What will happen now? Both sides of our family will be madly shopping for Chibi's accessories! Brainstorming Korean names! And I think, we may have decided on a middle name in English! Bryan! ^^

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Strong legs.

Chibi-chibi kicked so hard today. Almost spilled the tea I was holding in my right hand! OK sweetie~ I won't use you as a coaster next time. I promise!

Check this out! I'm pretty much the same as the diagram, I think.. ^^

A pregnant woman twice my size (similar height too) asked how far along I was. Her face turned sour. It turns out we were both 32 weeks carrying one baby. I felt bad but hey, it's not my fault!! ^^

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wow, there's a real baby in there!

8-month appointment! I'm happy to announce that blood pressure, iron levels, glucose levels & everything else is fine ^^ Chibi has flipped upside down into the cephalic position! No more paranoid "head down, bum up" exercises in fear of a breech baby. Less worried about the likelihood of a C-section. YAY! Now just waiting for him to have his back against my tummy (occipito-anterior).

It's fun to imagine what Chibi's appearance or personality will be like. We've yet to meet until October, but I can't help loving him already. Being faced with parenthood, it makes me appreciate mine even more!