Friday, August 31, 2007


Walking like a penguin on crutches~ that's me. Chibi sure is putting on weight! Luckily it's only him. Aha! Still fitting into my clothes (but boobs are gaining a bit too much air-time). Anyway, no diets involved. Cravings? Coconut juice! Strawberry milkshakes or anything creamy~ Toast with butter & nutella choco spread. Unbelievable ^^

I've been quite good with a full-time load of uni. Recently I'm easily tired & sleepy. I can stay in bed all day if it weren't for Chibi's wriggling. He's pretty active - usually around meal times! Maybe he takes after me?? Chibi experiences hiccups every now & then. Apparently, it happens when babies are drinking amniotic fluid or when they're practising how to breathe :)

Side story - while on the phone with Oppa, we were talking about delicious Korean food *drools* Chibi-chan started moving around like crazy! It makes sense: he's part Korean afterall ^^

For months, I noticed that our little night-owl has a distinct waking pattern. At midnight, 2am & 4am he's practising taekwondo. My bladder occasionally doubles as a trampoline or pillow!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Antenatal Stats!

Every visit equates to another needle stabbed into my arm. Do I look like a human pin-cushion to you?!

So far, the results have been pleasing. Touch wood! As I'm about 7.5 months behind in creating this blog, a quick summary should suffice LOL. Let's see how much info I can regurgitate!

Heartbeat - sounds a bit like galloping horses! It took a while to find as he kept moving around!

Major organs, Arteries & Veins - functioning well.

Fundal height (size of my baby & belly) - measured within normal range. 30 cm = 30 weeks, give or take a few cm!

Placenta - posterior position (upper segment of the uterus), not low-lying. Perfect! Positioned closer to my spine, behind the baby. There's only 3cm separating Chibi from my belly button. Aha! That's why I can feel his every movement ^^

Rhesus compatibility - Both JH and I are Rh+ blood-types, which makes Chibi Rh+ too. Good!! My body won't produce antibodies against our cute little Chibi or any future siblings.

My blood - nice balance of red and white blood cells - no anaemia, no infections or diseases, and I'm vaccinated against the dangerous ones too!

Blood pressure - normal!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The miracle of life... Amazing!

OMG there's a kickboxer inside my belly!!! I've finally embraced the whole idea of being someone's mum - a total 360 compared to my initial reaction, that's for sure!! Frankly, I'm still nervous, a bit more clumsy than before, and extremely scared. However, pregnancy might be the easier part. No crying, burping, or pooping babies to keep me awake at night - yet!! Let's wait 10 more weeks to see if I'm still sane.

At least E-kun (JH) was a lot more welcoming. He wished for our little chibi... Already an exceptional hubby, he'll be a wonderful daddy too! ^^ Seriously, he's a real sweetheart but pretty strict at times too! In Japan, JH made sure I gobbled down those folic acid tablets every night. Thanks to him, I drowned in vegetable juice loaded with vitamins and minerals too. YUCK, the red type is puke-worthy!!

And when it came to my weekly antenatal check-ups, it definitely wasn't easy. He literally had to drag me there. I'm not a huge fan of hospitals. I LOVE horror flicks, but medical shows on TV are enough to give me nightmares LOL. Needles make me faint. And strange Japanese doctors armed with dildo cameras are horrible!!!

Having a young wife who was constantly dizzy, puking, and moody for the first few months of pregnancy is not pleasant. And don't forget all the emotional tears, yelling and temper tantrums I threw at him. JH is a legend!!! Just wait until I bring him into the ER with me *evil grin* ^^