Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birth Story: Final :D

Let's see, where was I?

I don't think anyone was able to sleep that night. The urge to send death threats to JH didn't help either, it might have caused a bit of panic from across the globe LOL.

By 6am, I was rushed to the delivery room ready to push this baby out! Apparently, it was too late to take any drugs for pain relief. As you can imagine, I was screaming all the way :P

My waters didn't break, so the medical staff had to rupture the membranes. Mum was holding my hand, while the Doctor and nurses gave me instructions to push only during contractions. Even when I wasn't trying to, it seemed like Jiwon was forcing himself out!

In the middle of all this commotion, Mum slowly fainted. I almost fell out of bed because she was still holding my hand LOL. If I can recall correctly, there were about 5 or 6 medical staff in the room!

Anyway, by 6:39am... Jiwon was born!! He cried for a split second and was soon placed into my arms. He was really red & skinny, weighing at just 6.1 lb.

No matter how painful the past 24 hours had been, it was all forgotten the moment I saw him ^^

3 months old

Monday, December 31, 2007

Birth Story: Part 2 (of 3) ^^

Initially, the contractions weren't too bad! I was still smiling and laughing before midnight. They were however, becoming stronger, lasting longer and occuring more frequently. I think the actual delivery seemed less painful. Even without drugs. Pretty crazy, huh?

What did contractions feel like? During each one, your mind is drawn towards the pain. Breathing becomes a chore and everything else disappears into the background. Imagine a pro-wrestler wringing your whole stomach non-stop. Now multiply that by 5...

Anyway, the midwives frequently checked how far dilated I was - an extremely unpleasant procedure! Luckily I was 3cm by 1am - baby was definitely planning to arrive soon! Yeah right, he was really taking his time. Surely there's only one way out!! By 3am, I was still only 3cm dilated.

(Note = At 10cm, it's time to push.)

Then the Dr from Hell returned, announcing they would induce me at 7am. Honestly, the way she said it seemed more like a threat. I refused for the 3rd time! LOL labour isn't exactly the best time to infuriate anyone. She was patronising and enjoyed terrorising vulnerable patients - and that, was according to the midwives!! I'd like to add more but i'll save it for later ^^

By 5:30am, I was yelling for drugs like someone possessed! Kinda like the Exorcist. Just kidding. The entire floor echoed with my screams and cries. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. And just when I thought I was finally free from that menacing Dr, she came back... like a disease that wouldn't go away LOL.

Unlike the midwives, she didn't even wait until the contractions stopped before checking how far dilated I was. How satisfying it would have been to strangle her! She was a complete baka, needing to check me twice! Eventually I yelled at her to "get out" with a strong kick strategically aimed in her direction LOL.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Birth Story: Part 1!

Did Jiwon inherit my complete disregard for arriving on schedule? We both made our debut 5 days later than our expected due dates! Much better than 2 weeks like his father JH ^^

Note: Full-term = 40 weeks give or take 2 weeks.

Anyway, the evil Dr. attempted to induce me into labour 3 times. After researching the potential risks, I was a complete cow stubbornly refusing each time.

The 1st attempt: At 40 weeks and 3 days "late" but the evil Dr. re-scheduled for 41 weeks along with daily hospital visits to observe JW's heartbeat on a CTG machine.

During that time, I did EVERYTHING possible to kick-start contractions. I was determined to evict JW the natural way. Bring it on baaaaaby!!

The midwives suggested stimulating the oppai or chikubi, while Tomek-kun suggested eating spicy food and lots of raburabu. Sadly I didn't (or couldn't) try the latter LOL.
My parents on the other hand, forced me to take long walks at the crack of dawn. I complied for a little while but waking up at 7am was almost mission impossible.

After listening to everyone's advice, I decided to try my own. I invented a form of "sumo-crab-walking" which proved to be hilarious for anyone who witnessed.

Next, I tried fresh pineapple - a whole one. The result: my taste buds were totally massacred by the acidity! Actually I needed to eat 7 pineapples for any effect to take place. NO WAY!

And my final solution on the night before surgery: to drink 80ml of the infamously disgusting yet effective castor oil - in one shot. Many pregnant women have sworn by it, experiencing labour within 24hrs. However, it's also known to promote "multi-tasking". I firmly believe that giving birth and going to the bathroom should be kept separate tasks LOL.

Regardless, I tried a safe amount of castor oil (10mL) adding it to a vanilla milkshake to mask the taste. LUCKILY there were no bathroom visits but no sign of contractions either!

Before giving up, I needed a nap and woke up at midnight with minute muscle pains in my stomach. I was exhausted and didn't think much about it. In hindsight, I was probably experiencing the start of contractions ^^

I made a final attempt downing one more milkshake with 15mL of castor oil this time, followed by a small plate of pineapple and a few laps of sumo-crab-walking around the house.


At 7am I woke up with stronger tummy pains. I was excited when I realised these twinges were REAL contractions which were occuring every 5 minutes. My day went on as usual but by 10pm I was finally admitted into hospital :)

Stay tuned! Part 2 will come soon ^^

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick update!

Hello everyone! I'm really behind in updating this page. A special shout-out to all of JiWon's Godparents and honorary international aunts and uncles!!!
This week has been crazy! It went by so quickly with exams and a visit from JH. Watching him look after JW was rather adorable - fatherhood came naturally to him & now he's suddenly an expert at changing nappies, burping, and everything else LOL.
Luckily, JW is now trained to sleep very well at night :)

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1 week, 2 days

nov 4 - 6 :)

Hello my special people! ^^

Words can't describe how thankful we are for all your lovely well-wishes...If I haven't yet, I will try to reply asap :D Trying to squeeze in sleep and exam revision in between looking after Ji-Won!

I'm typing this with my left hand... while burping Ji-Won with the other! That gives me about 5 mins to update this space, hahaha~ Quickly!!!